It has been so rewarding to see our projects grow and diversify since Lifeline first started supporting one man’s fight to rebuild the lives of ex-child soldiers in Sierra Leone.  We are currently running a number of diverse projects in 17 different countries, ranging from health care to education, agriculture and micro-finance.

Our beneficiaries include children, young adults, the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled, the sick, and victims of sexual violence and other crimes.  Our mission remains to respond organically to the needs we identify in our communities, wherever and whenever that may occur.

Mentoring pregnant teenagers

Overcoming crISIS

Capacity Building Farmers in Sierra Leone

Gender Based Violence Victim Support in Dominica

The Betteh Tumara Vocational Training Programme

Building Bakeries in Refugee Camps

Building an Ebola Community Care Unit

Feeding Families Quarantined by Ebola

Ebola Education

Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Mozambique

Micro-finance in Egypt

Mentoring Child Headed Families


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