LNI are thrilled to announce that work has begun on a new project in Sierra Leone – Betteh Tumara Punduru, developed in collaboration between LNI in the UK and Lifeline Nehemiah Projects in Sierra Leone and supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

Based in rural Punduru in Kenema district, this agricultural program aims to equip local farmers with the tools, training, and access to markets that they need to increase the quality and quantity of their yield, secure a better price for their crops and increase productivity and profits.

Using the Field Farm School method, 100 farming units will be created, where 500 landowners and unemployed young people come together to effectively, and equally, farm the available land using sustainable farming methods.  An additional 40 young people will benefit from micro-enterprises and loans.

Additional literacy, numeracy, life skills and business skills training combined with access to micro-finance will support people to develop small-scale businesses.

The programme will also promote the human and legal rights of women, young people and people with disabilities through community engagement methods and training, aiming to raise awareness, understanding and access to their legal and human rights, leading to improved opportunities for personal, social and economic development.

The whole village and its paramount chiefs are on board, and this feels like a pivotal point for this community at a time when it is vital to invest in Sierra Leone.

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