Betteh Tumara (a creole phrase meaning ‘better tomorrow’) was the answer that came from our team on the ground, when we asked them what they envisaged for young people in Sierra Leone.

In partnership with our partners in Sierra Leone, Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, we set out to address the issue of youth unemployment in Sierra Leone which stems from the decade-long civil war, trapping people in a life of poverty, crime and violence.  The Betteh Tumara project increases youth employment in the East Freetown and Wellington areas of Sierra Leone by offering support and training to young adults aged 16-25.

Since its inception, the Betteh Tummara project has seen 267 young people receive practical vocational training in metalwork, motor mechanics, hairdressing, construction, electrical engineering.  Alongside, students receive mentoring, life skills and literacy and numeracy training to ensure that after 11 months on the programme, they are equipped to find work or set up small businesses and cooperatives.

Mr Kallon, of Sierra Construction System, a member of our Employer consortium, told Lifeline Nehemiah Projects: “Over the years I have not experienced trainees with such a unique character as yours.  Because of what I have seen in you guys making a positive change in the lives of young Sierra Leoneans I will stand by your management in its life changing journey.”  Others commented that Betteh Tumara students are ‘outstanding in performance’.

We are extremely proud of the progress of our students, and look forward to the coming years of training.

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