The ‘Betteh Tumara Punduru’ project seeks to capacity build farmers in rural Sierra Leone, equipping them with the tools & knowledge they need to increase their productivity, yield & access to markets

Developed in partnership with Lifeline Nehemiah Projects in Sierra Leone, the Big Lottery Fund has donated 93.5% of the total project cost; £525,745. We need to raise the remaining 6.5% = £34,248.

The project aims to support local farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their yield, secure a better price for their crops and increase productivity and profits. Through collaboration, landowners and unemployed young people will be supported to effectively and equally farm the available land using sustainable farming methods.

Literacy, numeracy, life skills and business skills training combined with access to micro-finance and promotion of the human and legal rights of women, young people and people with disabilities will lead to improved opportunities for personal, social and economic development.

Having been working on this project since 2012, we are so close to reaching our target! Your donation would enable us to support farmers to break free from the shackles of perpetual poverty.

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