The recent increase in rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse in Dominica caused our local partner, Tina Alexander, to act.  Tina worked as a counsellor for victims of rape and sexual violence before leading Lifeline Ministries Dominica, and used her local knowledge to successfully apply for a grant from the British High Commission to train volunteers as victim support workers.  Three cohorts of counsellors have been trained and are now able to support victims of gender based violence through the process of investigation, prosecution and recovery.

As one of the founding members of a coalition of 18 NGOs promoting changes in policy and practice regarding child protection and sexual exploitation, LifeLine Ministries Dominica works in partnership with the Dominica National Council of Women, seeking to develop a portal for help in reporting and recovery for victims of rape, sexual assault and abuse.

Three ‘survivors groups’ have been established, where victims of sexual violence are supported to move from victim, to survivor, to advocate.  This is part of LifeLine’s mission to challenge the culture in Dominica where children and young people are exploited and abused, and to establish systems that offer every victim of sexual crime the opportunity to access the right support.

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