The foundation of our operation is formed by genuine relationships with people who share the same goal as us; a clear focus on eradicating the poverty that afflicts our communities. We support each other to challenge the causes of poverty that our partners identify, and meet it head-on with tailored, appropriate, community focused and community driven programmes that meet the real needs of the people we work with.
We don’t subscribe to the belief that global relations should be based on wealthy countries handing out faceless aid to developing countries. Relationship is about individual connection, and LifeLine Network operates from the conviction that all members have valuable resource and insight necessary to the progress of others.


The importance of sustainability drives us to ensure that everything we do has a lasting impact, and we seek to empower our people and our projects to become self-sustainable. We encourage network members to invest their efforts into growing and spreading their work, transferring knowledge and successful programmes to new areas and new communities, in order to meet the greater need.


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