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Lifeline Projects equips people for life and work, offering immediate access to a wide range of services, opportunities to make friends and give something back to your community.

Our vision is to equip people for life and work, delivering services that recognise the importance of the WHOLE person, WHOLE family and the WHOLE community.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential, and we are committed to those services which we see as critical to our family-focussed holistic vision.  We want to ensure that LifeLine, as an innovative social business is at the cutting edge of best practice based on its considerable experience on the ground and in depth knowledge of the communities across London that it serves.

Our social mission includes:3493ccf0-1800-49a7-a0a4-65dec03b62eb

Childcare services, including day-care nursery provision

  • Alternative education models that empower young people to finish their secondary education and continue into further education, employment or training
  • Youth mentoring programmes, in which young people who are identified as in danger of becoming NEET are empowered to become positive peer-leaders Supporting parents to build stronger families and inclusive communities
  • Other services that equip adults with employability skills, empower them to progress in their careers and empower ex-offenders to re-establish their social and work lives.



Our FaithAction initiative equips faith-based community organisations to provide social programmes in their own communities across the UK, showcasing the conference_logo_websignificance of their work

FaithAction is a network of faith-based and community organisations serving their communities by delivering public services (such as childcare, health and social care, housing and welfare to work).

We empower faith-based and community organisations by offering support and training, disseminating key information and acting as a connector between Government and grassroots organisations.


Community Resources is about bringing solutions to issues in communities by mobilizing ordinary people to bring change. The best way we’ve found to do this is by facilitating ‘connecting places’ where people discover who they were made to be, find friends and start to see change things in their own lives and be part of the change in their community. Part of this work is to find innovative ways to include those who have struggled to find their place in the community due to mental health issues, language, confidence or other barriers. Volunteers include people who themselves have experienced the debilitating effects of isolation and, having benefited from support, want to be a support for others in similar situations.CR 3

Volunteer powered, Community Resources works alongside professionals from statutory and mainstream services, adding value to their work. This includes offering a pathway out of crisis through genuine and supportive networks in the community, often averting an escalation of problems.




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