Keith pastored for 30 years in New Hampshire, USA.  He also lead a community based group in New Hampshire look to empower and support community members to grow in their identity and support the development of the communities they are involved in.  Previously, Keith was a consultant for the governor of New Hampshire for the children in care system, supporting churches to take ownership of foster care and children in care.


Keith believes that he is called to enable people to discover their calling and to help his generation respond responsibly to the challenges they are faced with.  Empowering people to identify the value that they have to offer and put it to use for the betterment of society is at the forefront of his work.  Keith envisions a world where people experience and are therefore able to offer love, justice and mercy in ways relevant to their situations.

Involvement with LNI

Keith met LNI’s chair and founder, John Singleton, at a conference in Trinidad 30 years ago.  He says, “We’ve been good friends ever since”.

Current work

Keith currently co-authors two online blogs: and  He also sees this time as a time of transition, for reflection and retooling as he considers moving to Florida to work with Lifeline in the Caribbean Islands.