Julio Cavassa graduated as Trainer from John Maxwell´s course “One Million of Leaders” by Equip-Lidere. Julio has communication skills to relate with different organizations and facilitates conferences and forums.  Janet, his wife, works for the benefit of mothers in the community, holding sewing classes to support them to increase their job opportunities.


The Cavassa’s vision is to optimize the potential of the individual by providing training courses for life and work.  They wish to revive values in our nation that enable people to reach and discover their skills, becoming effective people in their community.  We plan to deliver productive sewing workshops for mothers whom will be able to bring sustainability to their homes.

Involvement with Lifeline

Julio and Janet were connected with Lifeline through a friend in 2007.

Current Work

They are currently training leaders of different congregations through conferences and one-to-one mentoring. In the future, they wish to send trainers from around the country to the cities of Peru, to help people develop their talents and abilities, becoming community leaders in their localities.