Founder and Chair of Lifeline Network International



John Singleton is the founding father of LifeLine Church and over the last 37 years has established 3 additional UK charities; LifeLine Network International, LifeLine Projects and Community Resources.  Through his work, John has pioneered new expressions of ‘community’ both in the UK and internationally through local church and social enterprise initiatives and NGO activity.  In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, LifeLine Church set aside a pool resources with the particular aim of helping other nations.  Relationships with partners working overseas developed, and one relationship connected with another, growing into the Network that operates today.


John’s vision has always been to train and equip people to become active change agents in their communities.  Enabling people to make a difference in systems that are unjust, raising them up into leaders and releasing them as champions for their communities, has been at the heart of all of John’s work.

Involvement with LNI

As the father figure of our network of international partners, John sets the direction for the network.  The focus of the network has always been relationship over programme, and Lifeline are always looking to equip and release people, rather than to have control over their work.  John has a genuine care for all members of the network which extends beyond any particular project to the individual at the heart, and seeks to help the people we work with to resolve challenges in their lives in order to reach their potential.

Current Work

As founder and chair of Lifeline Network, John sets the direction of the work we do and spends much of his time visiting our international partners.  John has a passion for all network members and is able to offer advice, guidance and direction on strategy, leadership and projects.  John supports our network members to influence oppressive or damaging systems and cultures that they live within, in order to bring about justice, look after the less fortunate, and genuinely engage with communities in a way that brings about positive change.