Trained as a pharmacist, John has been involved in community-based development projects since 2003, particularly with young people, and also has experience in the field of sound engineering.


John’s passion is to be instrumental in the development of innovative solutions focused on creating a next generation which recognises its responsibilities to community regeneration and stability, serving the needs of others first, improving living standards, and characterized by continuity and based on locally-resourced human and material resources.

Involvement with LNI

Introduced to LifeLine in 2009 by fellow partner, Wageh Abdelmasseh, John has since been actively involved with the Network working out of his base in El Minya.

Current Work

John’s current work includes programmes for adults and children with disabilities, children’s nurseries, literacy classes for women, a medical centre, and sponsorship for child care. His vision for the future includes microenterprise loans, the expansion of the current initiatives supporting for children with disabilities and child care sponsorship, and leadership training programmes.