We have received good news from LifeLine Dominica this week. The country is in full rebuild and recovery mode post Hurricane Maria – but things are going well! Our representatives, Harry and Tina, have seen over 1000 families move into new ‘hurricane resistant’ apartments and have been promised another 4000 more. Since the hurricane, in 2017, many roads have been fixed and repairs to bridges are on their way.

“We Help Everybody!” was what was said by a LifeLine representative at a conference recently, when sharing about the work of LifeLine Dominica. They collaborate with over 80 NGOs and community-based organisations and when receiving a grant of 80,000 USD, shared it with 43 different agencies, in order to ‘share the love’ with as many as possible.

Building relationships is a key theme and they are grateful for the support and input that LifeLine has had in shaping this core value.

They still have to deal with the challenges caused by extreme weather damage but have imbibed the message ‘broken is not garbage’ and they continue to rebuild and repair without losing heart.



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