Recently we sent two filmmakers from here in the UK to visit the base in Sierra Leone, particularly with the aim of filming the 2younglives project and explore what LifeLine are doing there. This involved visiting the girls and seeing what their lives are like and seeing how this new project is having a radical impact.

The filming involved following the life of one of the girls being helped by the project and even interviewing the chief of the town in Punduru, as well as several others. Their aim was to capture the stories of those involved and they had great fun doing it!

For one of the filmmakers, Jamie, it was the first time they had had an extended time away from home (3 weeks) and first time visiting a developing nation. He enjoyed the experience – particularly the food!

Anthony McKernan writes,

“Wow – what an amazing time we had in Sierra Leone. It was wonderful to meet the people, hear the stories and see the impact of LifeLine’s relationship and investment over 20+ years “.

Jamie Filming

Click here to watch the films that they produced.