Dawn Singleton reported back to LifeLine Church in London on their recent journey to the Philippines. She and John flew to the Philippine Islands in May to join Leroy Pacleb and his wife Mary Beth and daughter Leah for their Conference.
The Paclebs met them at the airport.  They travelled the final part of the journey to Cotabato, by car together, Mary Beth describing how safe she has always felt in this area, whilst the driver was saying, ‘Lock your doors, it’s not a safe area!’ Indeed, there is a 10pm curfew and martial law. Just to add to Dawn’s uncertainty, they stalled a few times in the middle of the road…!

The Conference, Becoming a Disciple Maker, was held in a new building, with no walls – quite a relief for British people unused to the heat and humidity!

Because their visit was so short, they made use of all the time available to continue building strong relationships between them; so, for example, Leroy and John had breakfast together, valuing the time to share heart and vision.

At the conference for some 300 plus youth, Dawn was touched by the involvement of the young people, especially in worship.  Leah leads this enthusiastic group of young Filipinos.