We have recently heard from our brother Wagih Abelmassih, who is working tirelessly among the Yazidi community in Northern Iraq.

He has been instrumental in facilitating some highly supportive training.  Wagih writes,

“The first batch was trained and graduated in a post-traumatic stress disorder therapy course using art therapy, drug therapy and psychotherapy, in Camp Esyan for 21 trainees from the psychological section of Azadi Hospital and the Ministry of Health and refugees of esyan camp. This was provided by a group of doctors and therapists from State of Egypt for 15 hours over two weeks from 16/12/2018 to 29/12/2018.”

These students graduated in December 2018.  previous to this, Wagih’s team have been providing other skills training, such as hairdressing, sewing and a cell phone maintenance workshop for men. These courses bring opportunities for future employment and a sense of hope and worth to those who are based in the internal displacement camps and have lost everything.

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