For a brief but significant stopover, Tina and Harry Alexander have been in London during October.  We were delighted to welcome them both here, catching up on all the news from Dominica.

It was a particularly key and unique time for Harry to meet with Prince Tommy Williams, who is also in the UK right now. They were able to spend time together building relationship.

And it was also noteworthy, as Tina was in London at Buckingham Palace to receive the MBE award from Her Royal Highness, Princess Ann for her services to British citizens in Dominica after the 2017 hurricane.

Tina says, “I have spent today remembering all the wonderful resilient British Passport Holders I met in those first few weeks as we celebrated survival, safety and connection and the kindness of the FCO and DFID staff and the British armed forces who came to help Dominica.”

From the whole Network, we send our congratulations!

Tina Alexander at Buckingham Palace, with her MBE award