Claudia and Augusto Florez-Cavassa, our partners in Peru, recently spent one year in the UK to train as community leaders.  On their return to Peru they set out to find out what their community needed and consider what they could offer.  Having trained as facilitators to deliver the Crossroads Personal Development Course, they decided to run the first Crossroads course in Peru in June.

The course itself challenges people to change negative views of life, by giving them the tools to approach their dreams and goals, their purpose. It teaches them that life can be difficult sometimes, but it doesn’t end there.

This marks a very significant time for the couple, as they start to deliver real practical outreach into their communities.  Claudia and Augosto say “we are happy, not only for the course, but also for the community connection.  This has been very key.”

Crossroads graduates said:

“Crossroads has been a source of motivation”

“BEFORE I was of those who give up very easily, NOW I know that if I give everything I can do it”

“BEFORE I didn’t know me, NOW I am closer to my purpose”


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