An amazing team of volunteers from East London left the UK in July to spend a week with our partner organisation, Today’s Family.  They flew to Kiev where our partner, Mikhail Tkachenko, lead a team of wonderful hosts who catered for the team’s every need, spent time with them and taught them about the events that have been happening in Ukraine recently.  The UK team said: “the country has seen some difficult times in the last year and a half, but we were touched and impressed by the resilience and hope of the people we met. Thank you to our wonderful hosts, you opened our eyes and hearts!”

During their stay, the team visited a home for the elderly where they put on a concert, spent time at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation camp, taught English at a summer school and organised an afternoon of games and learning with children at a centre for refugees from Eastern Ukraine.  The team is filled with a sense that this is only the beginning of unity between the UK and Ukraine that will see a lot more in time to come.  Everyone has returned back to England with a desire to continue what they saw in Ukraine: bringing love, hope and joy and sharing time with disadvantaged or marginalised people.

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